Yoga, Mind Body Spirit, Outdoor Adventures, On-Site Wellness Events & Programs, Empowerment Coaching, Spiritual Classes and Healing Retreats

Moon Goddess Adventures® are mind-body-spiritual empowerment adventure outings, inspirational mind body retreats, on-site wellness programs, transformational coaching programs, healing workshops, yoga outdoor adventures and mind body wellness events.

Our mission is to inspire and empower individuals to vitalize their health and well-being to become extraordinary. Moon Goddess Adventures® incorporates mind body modalities to motivate, support, and encourage individuals to enhance their physical health, emotional well-being and mental strength to create magnificent lives.

Moon Goddess Adventures® offers a variety of mind-body-spiritual empowerment adventures, programs and events that encourage transformation and move individuals to express their fullness of being through the principles of yoga. Yoga is a complete system for living as it is a lifestyle, philosophy, and discipline. Yoga is union of the individual with the divine, uniting the individual mind with the cosmic mind, awakening you to your true nature, and pure consciousness.

We have an extensive network of wellness educators to serve you including celebrated teachers and engaging speakers all specializing in mind body wellness.

Moon Goddess Adventures® are inspirational, transformational, and empowering mind body healing programs that incorporate: Wellness Principles, Physical Exercise, Yoga, Meditation, Breathing Exercises, Guided Imagery, Relaxation Techniques, Energy Healing, Holistic Nutrition, Living Foods Nutrition, Mind-Body-Spiritual Modalities, Guided Hikes, Nature Walks, Laughter Yoga, Herb walks, Aromatherapy, Chakra Work, Chanting, Drumming, Sun and Moon Events, and more.

Come experience deep healing and journey on an inner quest to your personal sanctuary. Balance your mind body spiritual connection through the internal and external movements with yoga. Live a life of fullness, happiness, and vibrant health. Find inner peace, joy, harmony, love, and truth. Transform yourself and awaken to your true nature of oneness with the divine. Enhance vitality, health, and emotional well-being. Join us, come and laugh, play, share, heal, and adventure with an open heart and soul.


  • Achieve Vibrant Physical Health, Emotional Well-being and Mental Strength
  • Tap into Personal Potential, Assert Your Power and Live an Extraordinary Life
  • Live with Healthier Habits, Positive Beliefs and Constructive Behaviors
  • Handle Difficulties with Ease and Flow with Life's Challenges