General Cancellation and Weather Policy

General Cancellation Policies:

In order to continue offering you the outstanding level of mind-body-spiritual programs you deserve, we extend a company credit within the terms of the general cancellation policy details listed and outlined herein.

1.) We are happy to issue you a company credit when you cancel at least 3 days prior to the program you have pre-registered and paid for. On the occasion you are unable to attend an event, outdoor adventure, workshop or retreat we will gladly provide you with a company credit that can be used towards any service, event, outdoor adventure, workshop or retreat of your choice. There is no expiration to your credit.

2,) If you cancel LESS than 3 days prior to the event's departure, and we CAN fill your spot, you will receive a company credit. In the event of a no show, guests who without advance notice, fail to arrive prior to the planned session or program, forfeit the total amount of the program. With 3 days advance notice, we are happy to offer a full company credit, with an open-ended date. You may apply your credit to any service, event, outdoor adventure, workshop, retreat, and program you choose.

3.) The unexpected happens. If you are unable to meet for your coaching/counseling/private healing session or phone call and cancel 48 hours in advance, you will receive a full credit for another session or call. If there is a room rental charge for your private session, you will be fully aware of this, and must cancel within the center's guidelines in order to secure your refund/credit. You are responsible to comply with the room rental rules for our sessions. We want you to be able to experience a high level of care and healing support and suggest if you need to cancel, please let us know as soon as you can, to prevent any unnecessary charges. We are committed to making your healing session an extraordinary experience.

4.) For your safety, we require all waiver/release/medical forms to be completed and returned either by email or snail mail, at least a week before your event/trip. Failure to complete and return a waiver/release/medical form at least 7 days prior to departure will be a forfeit of payment and considered a cancellation without refund. We want this to be a safe experience for you.

5.) There are times when the unexpected happens. If a program commences, or a trip leaves as planned and unforeseen events occur, beyond Moon Goddess Adventures®, LLC control, there will be no credits issued. We promise to strive to meet your expectations in every way we can, please understand that there are certain elements beyond our control.

6.) The Mind Body Empowerment Counseling and Coaching program is refundable on a limited basis. If approved, these refunds are subject to a processing fee, stated on your contract, and any additional fees we may have incurred in processing your payment. The Mind Body Empowerment Counseling and Coaching program is transferrable. You are welcome to apply your credit to any Moon Goddess Adventure™, LLC program that you choose. There is no expiration to your credit.

7.) Pricing is subject to change. We guarantee, once you have paid for an event, adventure, workshop, retreat or service there will be no pricing modifications.

Weather Policies:

1.) Moon Goddess Adventures® programs will be run in any weather, including conditions of precipitation (i.e. rain, hail, sleet, snow) EXCEPT when the weather is deemed unsafe.

2.) In order to properly evaluate the actual weather conditions anticipated, we make weather based decisions at the last minute.

3.) Cancellations and rescheduling due to unsafe weather are at the discretion of Moon Goddess Adventures® and we reserve the right to modify the day for your safety.

4.) If a trip is canceled by management prior to departure due to inclement weather, you will automatically be issued a credit. There is no expiration to your credit.

5.)Any credit issued due to weather related trip cancellation is available for your personal use or can be transferred, and turned into a Gift Certificate, for you to give as a gift.

6.)Any credit issued due to weather related trip cancellation can be used to register for 'any' future outdoor adventures. You will automatically be 'upgraded' for FREE if the NEW outdoor adventure costs more. This is based on trip availability. The earlier you register more likely there are spots available.

7.)Another option, for weather related trip cancellation. Your credit can be used for healing sessions, either an hour of private tele-coaching, or a mind-body healing session, both valued at/over $100.00. You will automatically granted this as a FREE upgrade.

8.)If 'you' choose to cancel prior to departure based on weather conditions, the amount you paid will become a credit, dollar for dollar. There is no expiration to your credit.

9.) VERY IMPORTANT: If a third party vendor is involved in your program and cancels a trip due to unsafe weather, we must adhere to their cancellation policy. We will credit you according to this policy. No exceptions will be made with third party vendors.

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