The Mind-Body Empowerment Experience and
Healing Symposium

"Jara, honoring who you are, and the magnificence of your creations. I cannot begin to imagine how much effort was involved in pulling off that AMAZING event. I so enjoyed being there and meeting all of the soulful, holistic, spiritual, authentic people that you attracted into your life. I am so impressed that you were able to be so present during your great event and hope that you felt the buzzing of amazing energy and beautiful connection in the room. It was palpable. The great memories are still with me. I hope that the memories stay with you for a long, long time. I knew it was going to be a great success from the very beginning.The same, great feeling I had on Saturday remains with me. I really appreciate all that you put into this event, Jara. It rocked. It truly rocked."
Carol Leitner, MBA, Health Care Administration, Founder, The Wellness Exchange, Founder, Singles with Spirit. Certified Kriplalu Yoga Instructor, Certification in Life Force Yoga to Lift Mood, Manager, Gia Wellness

"I just want you to know, Jara, that as a Coordinator of Special Events, I was very impressed with the Mind Body Empowerment Experience and Healing Symposium you organized in April, it was fabulous! It was run beautifully and the flow of the day was perfect. Your speakers and vendors were well chosen; everyone was warm, welcoming, and well informed. I had a wonderful time and learned so much. The exposure was perfectly balanced from chakra readings to chiropractic care, nothing was missing. And, the gift bags were terrific, full of valuable resources and a wonderful Louise Hay book! You obviously put a lot of time and planning into this event and it showed in every detail. Congratulations and THANK YOU!"
Audrey Goodman, Coordinator of Volunteers and Special Events, Peninsula Counseling Center

"The Mind Body Empowerment Experience and Healing Symposium produced by Jara Weiss of Moon Goddess Adventures™, LLC was an amazing event. I am so pleased to have been a part of the opening ceremony, performing my song Journey of the Heart as well as having the opportunity to sing later in the event and sell my books and CDs. This event was a gathering of powerful healers through many disciplines and simply being there was truly an energizing experience. The venue where the event was held, Blue Firmament Holistic Center in Rockville Center is a special place where one is met with love, kindness, living food, art and so much more. I am still in awe of being a participant in such a wonderful event and look forward to many others to come."
Christa Victoria, Vocalist, Author, Storyteller through song

"Looking out my window on this beautiful day and thinking of you. You did a marvelous job of pulling the event together. There were interesting speakers and vendors. It was an enjoyable mixture. My friends had a wonderful time too. As always, it was just what the doctor ordered. You made a difference in everyone's life that day and helped create new connections as well as renew old ones. What a gift you are to all who know you."
Sonia J. T. Saleh, Uplifting NonProfits

"Jara is extremely dedicated and passionate in the work she delivers and produces. Her attention to detail is appreciated and gives her a distinctive edge. The Wellness Symposium and Moon Goddess Adventures I participated in were both executed with the utmost professionalism and organization. She does an outstanding job and I highly recommend her events."
Regina Bonolo, Success Coach, Sales & Marketing Maven of Aspire Higher

"You're really an amazing person. For your first time out, you did remarkably well. I've been at other Expos that have been around a while and are well established and you out did them, by a long shot. You're really something else; I guess that's why I like you so much, you have a lot of dynamism."
Dr. Philip Craig

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