THE OPTIMAL HEALTH PROGRAM® brings holistic health and wellness to your organization through on-site healing spaces, educational programs, trainings and wellness events. Our signature program is to help you create Feng Shui healing spaces right within your organization for employees to rest, renew and revitalize.

We are a provider of worksite wellness initiatives and support the implementation of health promotion programs at your organization. As wellness consultants, we specialize in assisting you to create "On-site healing spaces" for your employees and help support you in "Optimizing employee health & well-being." Our specialty is holistic and embodies the Mind-Body-Spiritual Paradigm. Our goal is employee health & wellness education through teaching individuals mind-body modalities that optimizes their health and well-being.

The Optimal Health Program® for Organizations:
  • Train the Trainer ~ Healing the Healer
  • The Optimal Health & Well-Being Program
  • Action Steps for Creating Work-Life Balance
  • Techniques to Live in Joy and Contentment
  • The Wellness Roadmap Intensive
  • Mind-Body Techniques to Train the Mind
  • Yoga You Can Do Anywhere
  • SeniorCare ~ Self Care for Seniors
  • Healthy Mind Healthy Body ~ Rest, Restore, Revitalize
The Optimal Health Program® results are measurable:
  • Live with more vitality, joy and contentment
  • Experience compassion, understanding, and goodness
  • Increase concentration and everyday patience
  • Effectively manage stress and reduce anxiety
  • Perform optimally and effectively handle challenges
  • Improve immune response ~ embody health
  • Experience more restful and restorative sleep
Our on-site wellness programs and mind-body holistic programs support your business in the fight to control the rising tide of health care costs that are a result of chronic pain, illness and disease. Our wellness programs alleviate the costs associated with employee health risks and make it easier for you to sustain a culture of work site wellness. Join the growing number of corporations implementing mind-body wellness programs as a cost effective way to help your business thrive! Break the cycle of workplace stress and injuries. The Optimal Health Programs are a low cost investment and dynamic way to support your employees to live in good health and optimal well-being. Best of all you improve moral, strengthen your workforce and improve productivity.

Our spectrum of services encourages your employees to achieve optimal health, peak performance, and seek balance in their lives. Ultimately, the support we provide for your employees will create lasting behavioral changes that will have a positive fiscal outcome for your organization.

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The Optimal Health Program® for organizations is an on-site wellness coaching and training program that enhances employee health, increases morale, improves worker productivity, reduces stress levels, lowers absenteeism rates, and helps create a sustainable culture of workplace wellness. The Optimal Health Program® inspires and teaches individuals how tap into their personal power to establish lasting positive lifestyle behaviors. This program coaches and encourages individuals to achieve vibrant health and assists them in their pursuit for work-life balance. We educate and empower your employees to modify behaviors, using mind body techniques to optimize their health, maintain high energy, achieve peak performance, and work side by side in a culture of total workplace health. The program is experiential and interactive. We incorporate physical movement, breathing exercises, partner exercises, group sharing, and lecture.

Our wellness programs:
  • Reduce stress levels and improve job satisfaction
  • Provide relief for chronic pain and anxiety
  • Improve energy levels, concentration and awareness
  • Enhance employee health and overall wellness
  • Increase morale and employee retention
  • Improve worker productivity and problem solving


  • Achieve Vibrant Physical Health, Emotional Well-being and Mental Strength
  • Tap into Personal Potential, Assert Your Power and Live an Extraordinary Life
  • Live with Healthier Habits, Positive Beliefs and Constructive Behaviors
  • Handle Difficulties with Ease and Flow with Life's Challenges