The Optimal Health Program enhances employee health, increases morale, improves worker productivity, reduces stress levels, lowers absenteeism rates and helps create a sustainable culture of workplace wellness. The Optimal Health Program inspires individuals and teaches them how tap into their personal power, to establish lasting lifestyle behaviors. It is a comprehensive program that coaches and encourages individuals to achieve vibrant health and assists them in their pursuit for work-life balance. We educate and empower your employees to modify behaviors and create lasting lifestyle choices so they can optimize their health, have high energy, achieve peak performance and work side by side in a culture of total workplace health.
The Optimal Health Program® outline:
Mind-Body Techniques, Personalized Wellness Plans, Positive Mindset, Physical Exercise, Foods that Heal & Prevent Chronic Disease and Wellness Coaching
The Optimal Health Program® results are measurable:
  • Achieve vibrant health, high energy
  • Increase concentration and patience levels
  • Manage stress, handle difficult situations and people
  • Perform optimally and creatively solve problems
  • Strengthen interpersonal relationships
The Optimal Health Program® is a comprehensive system that enhances the participant's lifestyle, health and vitality. The program helps individuals balance their mind, body, and emotions for optimal physical, emotional and mental well-being. The program is experiential and interactive. We incorporate physical movement, partner exercises, group sharing and lecture.