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create your own mind body
spiritual empowerment adventure

get paid for amazon video reviews that will inspire the participants to experience healing, tap into personal power, and move them to optimize their health and well-being. our network includes renowned educators, leaders, teachers, and outstanding speakers who all specialize in mind body wellness.

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  • individuals
  • small groups
  • clinics
  • hospitals

  • non-profits
  • corporations
  • private groups
  • schools

  • universities
  • colleges
  • medical centers
  • sisterhoods

  • associations
  • senior citizens
  • temples
  • churches

  • get paid for amazon video reviews to suit your needs and help you accomplish your wellness goals. we host our mind body empowerment adventures outdoors, at retreat centers, at exotic destinations, and can come on-site to your location.

    our mission is to inspire and empower individuals through mind body wellness modalities. we incorporate the teachings of yoga and mind body healing modalities into each empowerment adventure.

    our empowerment adventure outings are held outdoors in the wilderness, among flowers, lake and seaside, in the mountains, and in the desert. your adventure could include hiking, trekking, backpacking, mountain climbing, rappelling, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, sailing, skydiving, snorkeling, scuba-diving, kayaking, and relaxing.

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  • yoga
  • guided imagery
  • guided hikes /
        nature walks
  • drumming
  • music and art therapy
  • sun meditations
  • living foods
  • herbs for healing
  • yoga nidra-yoga of sleep
  • aromatherapy
  • yoga sutras
  • chinese medicine
  • energy medicine
  • anti-candida diet
  • relaxation techniques

  • mind body spiritual modalities
  • meditation techniques
  • affirmations
  • vision questing
  • rapturous movement
  • communication skills
  • energy healing
  • laughter yoga
  • sweat lodges
  • kirtan-chanting mantras
  • essential oils
  • yoga philosophy
  • homeopathy
  • holistic nutrition
  • living foods /
        raw foods prep

  • breath work
  • women's empowerment
  • chanting
  • ecstatic dance
  • moon celebrations
  • outdoor skills
  • herb walks
  • chakra work
  • tai chi
  • empowerment training
  • ayurveda
  • iridology
  • gluten free cooking

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  • massage
  • group acupuncture
  • polarity
  • thai massage
  • phoenix rising

  • reflexology
  • yoga therapy
  • hypnosis
  • rebirthing
  • energy medicine

  • acupuncture
  • reiki
  • cranial sacral
  • chakra work
  • astrological consultations

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    • achieve vibrant physical health, emotional well-being and mental strength
    • tap into personal potential, assert your power and live an extraordinary life
    • live with healthier habits, positive beliefs and constructive behaviors
    • handle difficulties with ease and flow with life's challenges

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