Our Company
We are a provider of worksite wellness initiatives and help you to implement health promotion programs at your organization. The Optimal Health Program� brings wellness programs, trainings, events and services to your organization. Our programs enhance employee health, increase morale, improve worker productivity, reduce your populations stress levels and lower absenteeism rates. We deliver on-site wellness events and programs that support you in your fight to control the rising tide of health care costs. Our wellness programs alleviate the costs associated with employee health risks and make it easier for you to sustain a culture of worksite wellness. We offer a spectrum of wellness programs & services that encourage individuals to achieve optimal health, peak performance and find balance in their lives. Our comprehensive worksite wellness initiatives and health promotion programs encourage individuals to advance their health and create lasting behavioral changes that have a positive fiscal outcome for your organization.
Our Mission
Our mission is to help you enhance your employee�s heath, to increase productivity, improve your populations stress levels and create a sustainable culture of workplace wellness. We are committed to inspire individuals and teach them how tap into their personal power, to establish lasting lifestyle behaviors. Our worksite wellness programs educate and empower individuals to sustain long-term health, well-being and reduce future health risks. Our programs coach and encourage individuals to achieve vibrant health, maximize productivity, reduce stress and assist them in their pursuit for work-life balance. Worksite health promotion is the best way you can support your employees as they adapt their lifestyles and modify behaviors to maintain their health, high energy, achieve peak performance and work side by side in a culture of total workplace health.
Our Services
Wellness Consulting, Wellness Programs, Wellness Expos, Contests & Retreats, Stress Management Programs, Mind-Body Programs, Disease Prevention & Behavioral Change Programs, Holistic Nutrition, Hypertension Management, Cholesterol Programs, Diabetes Care, Back Care, Safety Programs, Wellness & Health Coaching, Holistic Wellness Resource Directory Access, Wellness Website Portal, Healthy Tips & Monthly Newsletters