“Ms. Jara Weiss is a natural leader. She is empowering, bright, energetic and extremely intelligent. Her services are a powerful asset to anyone that employs her. Jara has my most enthusiastic recommendation.”
Joel Fuhrman M.D. is a board-certified family physician who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods
“I first met Miss Weiss some five years ago when she gave a talk on stress reduction at a gathering of employee assistance professionals who meet at Employees Assistance association (EAPA) training sessions. She is a most courageous woman whose abilities are multidisciplinary. Ms. Weiss specializes in teaching various ways that people can employ to become healthy, vibrant, productive and balanced. I believe that Ms. Weiss is a valuable asset to anyone who would choose to make her part of their organization."
Mr. Sal Conti, MA.CEAP.SAP Clinical Psychotherapist
“Ms. Weiss was a wonderful asset to our Program. Not only was she professional and timely in handling all managerial tasks but she was able to engage the girls in numerous activities. Ms. Weiss was the first coach to bring Yoga to the girls at this program. The director informed me of all the positive experiences the youth had throughout her time coaching. I am happy to recommend Ms. Weiss, as her dedication, creativity and motivation would be a fantastic addition to any program/organization."
Ms. Kristen Long, STARS Series Coordinator, PowerPlay NYC
“Thank you for participating in the United Federation of Teachers Welfare Fund Health and Cancer Helplineļæ½s Wellness Seminar. Your presentation was well received and the participants gained a deeper understanding of the benefits of yoga in every aspect of their lives.”
Ms. Gianna L. Ruddock, Director, Health and Cancer Helpline
“I’ve taken classes with just about all of the Fitness Center ’s yoga instructors and Jara Weiss is certainly one of the best. For obvious reasons Merrill Lynch employees are looking for ways to manage stress and Jara’s classes set them in the right direction.”
Mr. Joe Cerato, Manager, Presentation Services, Merrill Lynch
“Jara, working with you has given me the discipline, knowledge, dedication and moral integrity to transform myself and help me to support myself in reaching my full potential. I recommend your services and guidance to everyone."
Mr. Jeff Goaziou, Senior Account Manager, TriMedica
“Jara, I have only known you for a short time, but your influence will last a lifetime. You have undoubtedly, made an immense impact in my life, and I feel blessed that you will always be a part of it. Your knowledge, creativity and wisdom have inspired me to become more eager to learn self control, remain focused and most importantly, to live a healthy balanced lifestyle. Thank you for turning my life completely around.”
Ms. Jamie Rosicki, Colleague